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Cerclex – Revolutionizing the waste management industry.

Reach the right to Recycle, Pickup, Buy & sell your waste with utmost conviction.

Our Clients

Over 4000+ Brands trust Cerclex to leverage their waste management practices and EPR Guidance.We’ve Worked with World’s best brands to create a sustainable environment.


What Cerclex do

“Helping Brands to make our planet Better” 

“The Reliable smart waste management system you have been searching for”  

Cerclex delivers real-time actionable insights of waste management to track & trace from acquisition to extinction.

One stop solution for all your waste management needs,  Instant EPR and PRO workflow, Buy & sell scraps. Cerclex outridges buyers, sellers, traders and recyclers to access digital waste management bitstream. 

Let’s create a loop of Recycling cycle that never stops

Connect Cerclex with your system for a tech enabled circular (CercleX) management solution.

Where the Waste Goes,We Follow.

We’ve recycled shredded currency notes (post demonetization) into notebooks and calendars. We’ve ethically sourced ocean plastic, and turned them into playground equipment. We’ve taken PET bottles and converted that into exquisite Tshirts and blankets. We’ve converted MLP waste into biotoilets and park benches. We are the masters of converting waste into a circular product. Your waste is in the right hands.

Looking for a hassle-free system to manage your waste?

Signing up for a FREE trial will give your brand unprecedented access to fulfil all your sustainable packaging goals and meet your waste management regulations in one single dashboard, at the touch of a few buttons. 

Jiffy waste pickups

“Make a call or a click” That’s it. Our team will collect and manage your wastes with In-and-out transparency.Try out our cloud-based application on single click

Recycle & Rebel

Cerclex, Recycles wastes with persistent pipelines to achieve “Zero-Waste” Environment. Let’s be a rebellion in creating a sustainable ecosystem.

Beyond Tech.

We are just not a tech-enabled circular waste management platform for brands.

The Indian wing of Cercle X works with the grassroots – hundreds of marginalized rural women make every product in our portfolio.

We empower thousands of waste warriors across the country, and provide them fair wages and great working conditions and benefits – right from ensuring they open a bank account to ensuring they are insured and get access to finance at the lowest interest rates possible.

This has enabled them to climb out of poverty, slowly and steadily.

Why is this important?

Across the world, in developing and under-developing countries, children are mostly forced to scavenge for waste, since their parents earn less than $2 a day.

Infact, our Indian office is based out of a village in rural Coimbatore.

We put people first. Always. 

When you work with us, you empower an entire community.

Analyze & Optimize ​

Cerclex offers an intuitive platform “Thinktrash” that allows you to evaluate your waste proportion metrics.

In a pool of Waste management services worldwide, Why choose Cerclex?

“We Bring life to waste”

Discover the emerging tech-enabled automated platform for waste management

#1 - Facing challenges in buying or selling your waste?

#2 - Getting harder to find the right recycler?

Don’t fret away on buying and selling your waste. Create a marketplace within your hands. 

Buy and sell your waste at any time, any place with Cerclex’s Thinktrash – online platform. 

Buying & selling waste – is made as easy as apple pie or hailing a taxi.

Never Ending cycle of Recycling is attained with Cerclex – a go-to-brand helps you to spot out the suitable recycler for your waste management needs. 

Let’s Swivel the waste into wealth with “circular loop of recycling

Stop Wishcycling ! Get Started with recycling !

#3 - Looking for a precise EPR solution provider?

#4 - Stuck with complex waste pickup scheduling portals?

Cerclex enables brands to adapt circular (CercleX) Economy to prevent the generation of waste at its initial stage.
Plan your pickup that works best for you. Your convenience matters the most. 

Is collecting your wastes getting delayed? Try Cerclex for a Jiffy pickup.

Export Analytics of your waste on a single hit  from our Thinktrash application.

Awarded by the Best,for Creating impact in the Waste Management Space

Let’s Crush the Trash and not the Recycling numbers. Enjoy your 14-day trial period with Cerclex’s -Thinktrash application. We drive you to our application with a hassle-free approach. We all create trash. How we manage it, is the knotty question here? "Thinktrash - a fully organized cloud platform to get rid of all your clutters!"

We Are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change, and the last generation who can actually do something about it.

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Ex-President, USA