Our Mission: Creating A World Without 'Waste'.

Cercle X strives to make the world a better place. Everyday.

Our mission is to create a world without waste.
Not just for us, but for our children and grandchildren.

We want to build a cleaner, greener world – one that’s safe for today and tomorrow.

We aren't just a company.
We are a movement.

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Cercle X Culture

From the very first day of incorporation, we are a people first company. 
We’ve launched industry leading initiatives, and building not just a company, but a cult.

No Resumes

We don't care what college you were from, how many arrears you have/had, or even if you even went to college at all.

Period Leave

An option to take a paid off on the first day of your period cycle.

Pets Allowed

Pets are great stress busters. Bring them in, and let sustainability be for everyone.

We Don't Care About A Career Gap

We believe that giving birth to a baby, or taking time out to explore things in your life shouldn't be reason to not come back to corporatehood.

No 'Once A Year' Appraisal

Our appraisal cycles are quarterly, and depend on goals we sit together and jot down - not random one-way rundowns that give no sense of joy.


We are a collaborative, community-driven company. We reward you for working with us with ESOPs that will ensure that you are an actual 'stakeholder' - as the company grows, so will you!

Jive Everyday

Jive is a lively and uninhibited dance form that requires no formal training so everyone on the team including our support personnel dance together!

Movie day out

Once a month, we go to the movies to break the monotony of everyday work and the entire team bonds over popcorn and icecream.

Weekend tours

Every quarter, we spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle and into forest resorts to basically learn the true meaning of life.

We've Raised Funding!

We raised a seed round from IP Ventures for redefining waste management through technology. Watch how the team reacted!

The Cercle X Team (Wolf Pack




Our team is focused on building the future, today.

Vishnu Vardhaan

CEO and Co-Founder

Divya Shetty

COO and Co-Founder

Mohammed Nazir



Head of Sales and Operations

Melvin A

Corporate Sales Lead


Operation Lead

Hardika S

Corporate Sales

Mohan Prasath N

Business Development Executive

Guru Prasad K

Business Development Executive


Business Development Executive

Dimple Sonia S

Business Development Executive

Naveen Kumar S

Business Development Executive


Operation Specialist


Sales (Lead)

Anushya M

Business Development Executive

Anandakumar D

Accounts Executive


Business Development Executive


Business Development Executive


Corporate Sales

Yogesh Patgunan

Programme Manager


Corporate Sales


Rupal Mazumdar

Business Development Executive

Karthikeyan M

Visual Artist

Ilamurugan Raja

Senior Graphic Designer & Administrator


Content Creator


Operations Specialist

Ganesh Kumar K



Senior Accountant


Venkata Haritha

UI/UX Designer

Vidhya M

Front End Developer

Sowmiya R

Business Development Executive


Vaishnavi R

Digital Marketing Manager

Ashwini S

Business Development Executive

Hari Vignesh G

Content Writer


Pradeep R

Operation Lead

Fade Hafez Ahmad

Software Developer

Ajeesh K

Graphic designer



Bussiness Development Executive


Business Development Executive


Senior Full Stack Developer


Security and Cuddle Toy