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EPR Targets?

Unlock Registration, Expert Consultation, and Comprehensive EPR Fulfillment with CercleX EPR Solutions – Addressing Plastic, E-Waste, Battery, and Tyre Waste Management.

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Why CercleX EPR?

“Scale your Sustainability goals with Cerclex EPR Solutions.”

EPR Network - PAN India

Ensure State-wise sourcing and collection of waste from our ULBs and Aggregators network
across India.

100% transparency

Complete traceable & trackable EPR transactions. Get access to the EPR information base
from our Dashboard.

Real-time EPR workflow

Plan, monitor, and measure EPR workflow in real time.

EPR - Compliance to fulfilment

Cerclex EPR solutions help to accomplish your EPR needs from compliance to fulfilment
across PAN India

Download EPR documents Online

Access all your EPR documents, Invoices, and collection reports directly from our EPR dashboard.

Assign multiple users

Assign multiple users to plan, control and manage your EPR targets efficiently.

Brands who achieved EPR targets with
CercleX Sustainable EPR solution

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State-wise EPR network


Circularity-Driven EPR approach

CercleX Sustainable EPR solution for

Remote work

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Campaign planning

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Plastic Waste

EPR for Plastic Waste

A Go-to-EPR Partner to engage & enable brands to adapt sustainability through the right PROs and obtain EPR circularity for their post-consumer products.

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EPR for E-waste Management

With dynamic recycling operations, and effective collection and disposal, Cerclex PRO shifts a substantial amount of E-waste out of landfills.

PRO for E-waste Start your Sustainability drive with CercleX.

CercleX EPR Workflow

“Complete suite of EPR solutions in a Sustainable approach”

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100% verified ULBs, aggregators, co-processors and
recyclers connected with us across India.

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Take your complete EPR workflow online with the CercleX
EPR solution for easy access anywhere, anytime and
to avoid delays in EPR fulfillments.

Meet your EPR targets with a 100% circularity-driven
approach with our digitally powered
EPR solutions.

“Scale your Sustainability goals with
Cerclex EPR Solutions.”

Experience the most comprehensive and efficient
handling of EPR fulfillments.

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