EPR brand

Is EPR Brand Specific & your brand 100% EPR Compliant?

EPR is an environmental policy in which the producer’s responsibility extends to the product life cycle’s post-consumer stage. EPR schemes promote total life cycle ecological improvements of product systems. EPR motivates brands to use innovations and bring changes in the initial production stage to reduce hazardous and harmful materials in the products. Read further to […]

What is Circular EPR

What is Circular EPR – Implementation & Benefits

What is Circular EPR? Extended Producer Responsibility helps in funding, managing, and implementing products when they turn into waste. This system enables retailers and brand owners to manage the products and meet their recycling targets. Circular EPR refers to a closed waste loop that forms a circular economic cycle to retain the market’s material value. […]

Online EPR

CercleX: Online EPR Registration, Authorization & Certification

How to apply online for EPR? EPR, which is Extended Producer Responsibility, is a strategy to deal with the disposal of electrical and electronic versions of standard products (EEE).  E-waste contains chemicals like mercury, lead, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants that can severely affect human health and the environment. Extended Producer Responsibility policy holds manufacturers accountable […]

EPR Registration

EPR Registration – Authorization Process

Who will be registered for EPR? According to E-waste rules 2016, the EPR authorization is Central Pollution Boards Responsibility. The CPCB controls the registration and the approval of EPR of different industries and companies. EPR registration ensures that the product manufacturers are responsible for the entire life cycle of the product. Read the article till the […]

Why is EPR important

Why is EPR important?

Extended Producer Responsibility aims to ensure that manufacturers are responsible for the end life of their products. It is applied in different forms like product take back, economic and market based, information-based, product standards, and regulations.  EPR creates various economic, social, and environmental benefits, with an improvement in waste management. The products that fall into EPR […]


Corporate Social Responsibility: How Key is Recycling?

Introduction to CSR (Corporate social responsibility)  In today’s world, consumers are more conscious about buying the products they need. But, more than just purchasing the products, customers look for information about the products, such as how & where the product has been manufactured. Many more people are searching for products with recycling badges and engaging […]

EPR in Plastic recycling

EPR in Plastic recycling & How to Calculate?

What is EPR in Plastic recycling? EPR stands for Extended Producer Responsibility. The entire concept is related to waste management and is something that every manufacturer has to consider before letting a product out in the market.  Basically, it adds all the environmental costs to the final price of the product to minimize waste issues. Plastic […]