What is EPR?

Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR is a policy under which producers are deemed responsible for managing their products—underlining with collection and recycling of post-consumer waste. It works with Producer Responsibility Organizations (PRO), wherein the producers are required to collect their generated wastes.  The practice was introduced to shift the economic burden of waste disposal from […]

Documents required for EPR registration & CPCB

What are the documents required for EPR registration? The growth of waste management techniques led to the discovery of EPR policy, Extended Producer Responsibility. This legislation’s main motive is to decrease the toxicity of the waste products in our environment.  EPR offers an incentive to the manufacturer, mostly monetary, which encourages them to make eco-friendly materials […]

Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility – The Complete Guide

Extended producer responsibility is a policy measure in which brands, Manufacturers, traders and recyclers should take complete responsibility for handling the waste streams and efficiently disposing of them. EPR shifts the economic burden of recycling and disposal from the centre to producers and manufacturers and affects the economic, environmental, and social factors. Extended Producer Responsibility […]