Circular Waste Management Strategies : Current Scenario

The current waste management system is not enough to achieve a truly circular world.

Globally, the system is broken. 🙆‍♂

Waste is a global pandemic, with absolutely no solution in sight.

Only 9% of all plastic produced worldwide, through all these decades, has been recycled.

Read that again for a moment.

I've not even started talking about all other kinds of waste.

All we’ve been doing till date is just turn a blind eye to the waste – to sweep it under the carpet and act as if it doesn’t even exist.

We’ve destroyed the planet almost beyond a point of no return. 👣

Climate change is upon us, and we are the only generation that can safeguard it for the future.

We are Earth’s final hope.

That’s why we started Infinite Cercle.

To ensure that waste isn’t wasted.

With Cercle, we work with the world’s most sustainable brands to handle their waste streams, to create circular solutions that’ll save the planet’s resources for the future generations.

Cercle for us is not just a company. It is a revolution.

We cannot do this alone.

YOU need to join us in this movement. 🙋‍♂

Either as a brand, a team member, or just a sustainability crusader.

Are you game?

Check the links in the first comment.

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