Linear vs. Circular Economy

Introduction to Linear and Circular Economy

Introduction The world has seen many changes in the meantime, where waste needs to be actually taken care of. But, the ultimate momentum of the socio-living cause is due to the improper channelization of waste management activities such as climatic changes, the emission of greenhouse gas effect, demand for raw materials, economic slowdown, and whatnot. Waste is […]

The Importance Of Sustainable Waste Management In India

The Importance Of Sustainable Waste Management In India

Introduction Economic growth and dependence on natural resources are the two major factors contributing to the deterioration of India’s environment. In addition, the country is among the most heavily populated in the world. Population pressure, rapid urbanization, immiseration, and corruption has caused severely contaminated air and water supply, soil erosion, and biodiversity loss across the […]

waste management policy

The Need for Effective Waste Management Policies

The rapid evolution of advanced technology, increase in population, and intentional climatic change has forced down to look after the productive waste management system with high efficiency. Waste management implies all sorts of waste (Commercial or industrial waste, plastic, hazardous, household, and agricultural waste).  The Idealistic approach to waste management is to prevent waste generation at its […]

Environmental Impact of Waste Disposal

Environmental Impact of Waste Disposal

Are we living in a sustainable & healthy ecological system? The vast majority can respond to these questions within seconds as “NO.” This is because immeasurable and uncontrollable tons of waste is being deposited into the landfills without anyone’s concern. Where does all this dumped waste go? All the thrown-away trash is being deposited into […]

Waste Management in Tamil Nadu

Waste Management in Tamil Nadu

Waste Management – A Growing Concern In the country’s most urbanized state, with more than 48.5% of people living in the Urban & semi-Urban Sectors, it is essential to manage and improve the waste management activities to free up the world from waste.  The practices of Waste Management transformed with the use of tech-stack waste clearing technologies […]

Be Responsible – climate change

I’ve seen plenty of deniers tell me about how we are ‘hyping up’ climate change. Their argument is that there is not enough ‘substantial’ scientific evidence that we, as humans, are responsible for climate change. 🙆‍♀ Why do we need evidence to get acting on something we know is wrong? We know that discarding a […]

Circular Waste Management Strategies : Current Scenario

The current waste management system is not enough to achieve a truly circular world. Globally, the system is broken. 🙆‍♂ Waste is a global pandemic, with absolutely no solution in sight. Only 9% of all plastic produced worldwide, through all these decades, has been recycled. Read that again for a moment. I’ve not even started […]

Short video for plant our seed paper

A lot of people were interested to know how best to plant our seed paper stationery, price tags, packaging, calendars, notebooks, and many more! Here’s a short video to explain how. Follow Pepaa Products Pvt Ltd for an awesome range of sustainable stationery and products that you’ll love! #sustainability #circulareconomy #ecofriendly #sustainable #pepaa   Short video for plant our seed paper […]

industrial waste

Industrial Waste Management: 07 Valuable Strategies

The world springs up in a fast-forward way with enormous development. The rapid growth of technocrates unleashes the world to greater heights. As we’re discussing technology growth, in the meantime, more than 13 tons of hazardous industrial wastes are getting dumped into landfills each second. Every waste counts.  With the breakneck development of localization, urbanization, […]