Epr fee

What are EPR fees?

Due to an increasing number of companies failing to collect their non-biodegradable packaging, the government plans to introduce an annual EPR fee. It will be helpful to fund the collection activities of the local government and funds for waste management. Many countries charge different fees from the producers depending on their packaging and the EPR schemes they […]

Does EPR benefit your business

Does EPR benefit your business?

All businesses, to a certain level, are responsible for damaging the environment through their processes. The production stage determines how much negative impact a product can have when it turns into waste. Industries and different companies have the upper hand when it comes to transition to a circular economy. So, only they can choose business models […]

EPR only about complying with PWM rules

Is EPR only about complying with PWM rules?

Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) was introduced in Plastic Waste Management Rules in 2016. Thus, terrifying the companies might lose their license if they don’t obey the rules. EPR design helps to integrate the actual environmental costs of the products throughout their lifecycle. EPR not only includes plastic waste management but any product which can harm the environment, […]

what is pro

What is digital PRO?

PRO, also known as Producer Responsibility Organization, is a crucial EPR principle, which puts the responsibility of environmental impacts of products on its producer. PRO recognizes two sectors Plastic and E-Waste Management. Digital PRO allows the producers to connect and transfer information through the web and other devices. PRO is financed and authorized individually and collectively […]

buying & selling Scraps

Challenges faced in buying & selling Scraps

Introduction to Scrap Industry With the increase in population, consumption rate, and limitless consumption of resources, scrap industries are expanding rapidly by dealing with millions and millions of tons of waste every day. With an unmanaged amount of waste deposited each day due to the spectacular growth in human population, the development of rural areas, […]

e waste recycling

What Is EPR In E-Waste Recycling?

India has a massive waste management problem. As a developing nation with an unfathomable population, the country’s waste management capabilities have a hard time keeping up with our waste generation rates.  The most problematic type of waste to deal with is electronic waste. It takes a long time to process and has considerable costs involved […]

EPR brand

Is EPR Brand Specific & your brand 100% EPR Compliant?

EPR is an environmental policy in which the producer’s responsibility extends to the product life cycle’s post-consumer stage. EPR schemes promote total life cycle ecological improvements of product systems. EPR motivates brands to use innovations and bring changes in the initial production stage to reduce hazardous and harmful materials in the products. Read further to […]

What is Circular EPR

What is Circular EPR – Implementation & Benefits

What is Circular EPR? Extended Producer Responsibility helps in funding, managing, and implementing products when they turn into waste. This system enables retailers and brand owners to manage the products and meet their recycling targets. Circular EPR refers to a closed waste loop that forms a circular economic cycle to retain the market’s material value. […]