industrial waste

Industrial Waste Management: 07 Valuable Strategies

The world springs up in a fast-forward way with enormous development. The rapid growth of technocrates unleashes the world to greater heights. As we’re discussing technology growth, in the meantime, more than 13 tons of hazardous industrial wastes are getting dumped into landfills each second. Every waste counts.  With the breakneck development of localization, urbanization, […]

circular economy

What is Circular economy?

Circular Economy – a revolutionary process to get back into the used or old products. Reusing, Recycling, refusing, Refurbishing, Revamping, and reutilizing the waste & creating a circular loop to bring the existing products into the marketplace. A Circular Economy is a system-structured tech-stack framework to eliminate waste production, pollution, and environmental crisis at the […]

Waste Management In India

X factors on why waste management in India deficit? In a year, around 62 million tonnes of waste are produced in India. Of which only 43 million tonnes (MT) of waste are collected, and the remaining waste is left over on the streets. Of the collected 43 million tonnes, only 11.9 (MT) of waste is […]

what is plastic recycling

What is plastic recycling and How to recycle plastic?

An Overview of Plastic Recycling Plastics & materials made from plastics have become ubiquitous in the 21st Century. Everything around us evolves with plastic. Reprocessing end-of-life plastic waste into useful ones in an effective eco-friendly manner is called plastic recycling. Recycling plastic wastes can lower the deposition rate of plastic trash, prevent plastic pollution, and […]