Tackling the Challenge of Waste Management

Thriving up of waste is not a present issue to address. Tackling the wastes has a history as everything has. Still can’t find the root cause of prevailed waste management techniques. Waste has been dumped for a long period without concern. As previously said, we generate waste! Our actions generate waste! 

But till now, there has been no reaction for the action against waste management or clearance. IoT in waste management – Interconnecting digital devices to measure, manipulate and transfer data over the Internet. 

Wastes are everywhere. Nobody cares except the few. We’re in the few to tackle the waste crisis that dumps our world into waste. 

India – the 3rd largest waste producer globally, next to China and the USA. 

World Bank research has revealed that if India generates the same amount of waste as it does now, by 2030, India alone will generate 387.8 million tonnes of waste & by 2050, it’ll be escalating to 543.3 million tonnes of waste. 

Enabling the traditional method of waste collection needs to be evolved. Many factors affect the waste collection process traditionally, 

  • Improper waste deposition
  • Lack of treatment of waste.
  • Not able to figure out the data of waste collected and transferred.
  • The paucity of data management for the waste streams.

To Scrutinize the following challenges, a smart waste management proposal has emerged into practice to dig out deep insights into modern waste management processes. 

Tackling waste catastrophe is easy (Oversimplified) but needs a competent tech-stacked solution to eliminate the untreated waste from our world.

Why smart waste management over IoT?

IoT – Stockpile of data operated over the Internet of Things, inter-relating sensors, modules, and electro-mechanical devices to fetch real-time information. 

Waste management stood up into the technical stack (IoT) to redefine the waste collection, segregation & treatment process. 

To clear out the waste management crisis in dense urban areas, IoT enabled its way through waste management. 

IoT-based waste collection and management connect, engage and interlink people, rag pickers, and front runners of waste to proselytize a clean and sustainable environment.

“Rescue the illegally dumped wastes with a smart IoT mechanism.”

IoT in Waste fleet management

Get complete control over the route.

Getting frustrated about losing money on enrouting waste?

IoT fleet management helps in venturing the waste pickups with predefined routes along the streets and roads with hassle-free router monitoring access.

Schedule the pickup locations & get a detailed overview of complete route distance statistics, time to complete pickup, and vehicle stopping points & monitor the real-time roving route of the vehicle from your dashboard. 

GPS tracking technology enables monitoring your vehicles and analyzing their location on navigation maps in real-time, thus planning waste pickups and routes accordingly to avoid double pickups or missed pickups.

IoT detects the trash pickup centers in real-time, monitoring the waste collection vehicles to know their precise location and aids in managing their movements. 

IoT-equipped waste pickup management systems help eliminate human intervention, monitor vehicle health, and diagnose faults through pre-set algorithms.

Smart Bin management

Smart Bins or dumpsters – the tech-revolutionary aspect to clear the bins at the right time without overflowing with waste. Even today, many waste bins are getting depleted along our streets and roads, causing health dilemmas. 

Smart bin management is an all-in-one solution to manage waste in a legitimate way. A GPRS tracking module incorporated in the smart bin navigates the hauler to reach the right bin using the fleet navigation route. 

Smart Bin comprises Ultrasonic fill-level sensors, Image recognition sensors, RFID tag readers, and an RS232 communication device with a GPRS route navigator.

How IoT Sensors Are Improving the Process of Trash Collection?

Integrated waste weighing system intellectuals the data on the deposition of waste inside the bin. Through CAN bus connectivity, the waste deposited percentage is Indicated. To stop the overflow of wastes on the bin, it is provided with an RFID identification extensive sensor that indicates the permeate of the smart bin.  

Once the bin gets filled with waste, haulers get instant alerts & enroute to the particular bin to pick up the trash. Smart bin IoT deployment works with a single dashboard that displays all in-and-out operations with the RS232 communication server. 

As soon as the smart bins attain their full capacity level, it indicates or alerts a pickup request automatically through a web portal. The driver will catch up to the bin within minutes to take the waste from the bin. 

Everything flows Flawlessly without a Dot with Smart IoT applications.

IoT circulates the recycling cycle.

IoT encircles the circular theory of recycling with Technotronic accessibility.

Recycling is made simpler with IoT-enabled operations. Once waste pickup processes, you’ll get to know what happens to your waste at every instance. Audit, Inspect and Monitor your recycling quantum percentage at any time. 

With Multi-machine learning, AI & tech-stack interdence recycling revolution is made by implementing IoT-enabled recycling processes. 

From Inception to completion of the recycling process is monitored with precise infallible metrics.

From Plastic waste collection →Storage→ sorting→bailing→ resizing→washing→ drying→ cutting→ shredding→ Pelletizing→ to end product, every inch of your recycling steps are automated, recorded & monitored with an IoT recycling system.

To know more about discerning recycling operations, Click here.

The recycling process needs to be monitored at every step to avoid discrepancies in terms of quantity, quality, etc. IoT solutions help enterprises check on all these steps with a keen report as per APM (Application performance monitoring) standards.

With the recycling data you receive, you can always know where your recycling quantum stands at any time.

With Iot repurpose for the purpose is made even better. 

Smart Take & Back System

Unfold the waste to the wealth stream with a stupendous take & back automated workflow. 

Evolving with the extended producer’s responsibility, waste take and back systems emerge through IoT-based streamlined propagation. 

The product developer is responsible for the proper disposal, recovery, recycling, and dispersion of its products. Depending on local regulations, producers should plan to take back the products they have sold if the product reaches the end of its useful life.

Get into the IoT-enabled take and back program with In-and-out transparency. Plan your pickup time,→ make payment, and the rest will follow automatically. 

Digitalized recordkeeping requirements for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs. Export all your digital copies instantly. Go paperless with an IoT-based take & back system.

Track & trace the logistic partner with ease through the fleet management router.

Scale-up with IoT waste data management

Smart IoT waste management automates the top-of-the-funnel activity to the end with immense data provided for more credibility over authorization. 

Smart IoT is a pioneer in the waste management niche, with machine learning and artificial intelligence waste management solutions implemented in smart bins, which collect real-time data & provides insights on waste generation to identify potential and latent business opportunities. 

Our smart IoT solution connects major players like retailers, manufacturers, and Industries to manage their unpicked-up trash.

Smart IoT waste management solution integrates with your existing fleet management system, offering an efficient and affordable solution for mobile waste collection.

Amplify the ample amount of waste with improvised IoT technocratic solutions to engage with a sustainable environment. 

Let’s refine the process of trash collection digitally & make it simple with Smart IoT application devices. Everything turns digital & reliable in our hands. 

Get started to unleash the smart IoT waste management practices to create without waste.