Plantcil and now it is Pepaa (formerly Plantcil)

Two years ago, we had a small dream. 💭

To create circular solutions in waste management for companies.

First, we needed to arrive at at something that corporates will gladly adopt.

Stationery was the answer.

To make everything by upcycling paper and cotton wastes.

Two years since, we launched Plantcil and now it is Pepaa (formerly Plantcil). 🐦

We work with 250+ MNCs worldwide, and distribute to eight countries. We bootstrapped our company to be one of India's top sustainable stationery brands, leaving a global presence.

We made plantable seed paper price tags, and packaging from shredded currency notes.
We made plantable rakhis and India's first plantable newspaper.
We made plantable wristbands for marathons, and plantable calendars for New Year!
We've made everything and anything possible, under the sun.

And, we feel, we haven't even started. 🙆‍♀

Waste management is a gargantuan problem that we will address in 2020.

All of this in return for a small dream in late 2017.

The path will appear, just trust the process.

And jump. 🤺

What's your excuse?

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