RBI – sustainable gift

What can be done when demonetization hits you hard?

We made sustainable gifts. 🤯

Using (otherwise discarded) shredded currency notes, we reused/upcycled and recycled them to create a range of unique gifting options for RBI that created a flutter, and led us to understand that we can handle any waste.

So, at Pepaa, we started experimenting and understanding what we can do with all kinds of waste generated by companies - plastic, paper, metal, and the 'difficult to process' waste streams. 🙆‍♀

One year of hard work later, we are here. Finally.

#ThinkTrash is our revolutionary waste management platform that's integrated with IoT, Adaptive Intelligence, and Blockchain, to ensure companies to go #zerowaste to landfill, and meet their #sustainability goals. 🤯

Interested to be a part of this?
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